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Kerrighed 2.4.0 release notes

Released on July 9th, 2009.


  • Remote memory injection
  • Configuration scheduler
  • Application check-pointing
  • Remote vfork()
  • New RPC transmission engine that highly increases performance


  • Fix random seg-fault during process migration on 64bits machines.
  • Fix incompatibilities with IPv6 tunnels and other special net devices
  • Various bugfixes in RPCs
  • Fix a strong memory leak
  • Fix wrong attempts to migrate threads when this is not supported
  • Fix random userspace memory access when using fcntl on files remotely open
  • Fix random userspace memory access when using ioctl on files remotely open
  • Fix BUG when the parent of an exiting multi-threaded process is/was remote
  • Fix many socket related bugs in the context of migrated processes
  • Fix many bugs in krgadm (seg-fault, etc)

Build system:

  • Remove sub-configures
  • Split tools dir into scripts/ man/ and tools/
  • Create patched kernel source dir in kernel/, no need for --with-kernel option
  • Check architecture compatibility