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Current Status

The current implementation of Kerrighed is based on a Linux 2.6.30 kernel. Kerrighed functionalities have been added to the Linux kernel through modules and some kernel modifications.

The version 1.0.2 of Kerrighed was the latest "pure research" version designed as a proof of concept of what we can do in Kerrighed. This version was quite well featured but not stable enough to be considered as a production quality product.

Since 2006 we are working at making Kerrighed strong enough to be used in a production environment. To do so, we have temporarily disabled some features to fasten the release of a stable version. Disabled features will be re-enabled in the next few months.

Current Features

Global Process Management

  • Cluster wide PIDs
  • Process migration with open files, pipes, sockets, shared memory segments, etc.
  • Mosix-like global process scheduler.
  • Full cluster wide UNIX process management interface (ps, top, kill, etc).
  • Customizable distributed scheduler

Global Memory Management

  • Support for distributed system V memory segments.
  • Memory injection (EXPERIMENTAL)

Checkpoint / restart

  • Checkpoint/restart of single processes
  • Checkpoint/restart of applications (EXPERIMENTAL)


  • Support of SMP / multi-cores machines
  • Support for x86-64 architecture (i386 / x86-32 / IA32 is not supported anymore).